Vanessa Taylor

Senior Theatrical and Broadcast Colorist

Based at X2X Creative Services Soho

Vanessa brings with her a vast range of experience across features and prestige television, from dailies to DI.

Her credits include: Misbehaviour, Red Joan, Lady Macbeth, Armstrong, Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Great Gatsby. Over the last ten years, she has graded more than 50 feature films and her dedication to each project’s artistic intention has made her one of the most well-respected colourists working in the UK.

Vanessa began her career in online editing and VFX compositing before moving into colour grading and DI. With a passion for colour theory and a dedication to teaching the intricacies of grading to new generations across multiple technologies, Vanessa is a perfect fit for our dynamic, research led approach to post production.